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Excellent staff who work hard


Commenced in the year of 1992, Intelogy Group was earlier known as PaperWorks Australia and was established by Paul Hutchinson, who had aspired to design one of the most innovative and modern management software for the service industry.

In the last 25 years, Intelogy Group has witnessed pure success with their inventive management software services, which are ideal for an assorted range of businesses and companies. Intelogy Group endeavors to administer market-leading business tools globally to enhance the business productivity and profitability of other companies and corporate sectors.

Currently headquartered in Frankston, Victoria, Intelogy Group houses experienced and dedicated team members, who are highly professional and are committed towards excellent results for clients within a stipulated time period. The optimistic environment of Intelogy Group workplace enables the team members to operate effectively, promptly with expert software solution and proper cooperation.

Our team members simply don’t specialize in building software, but in innovating revolutionary technology. Intelogy Group develops technological transformation for clients’ businesses which eventually lead to maximized productivity.

We not only reconstruct the client’s business systems with the help of a fully supported software application, but also extend the current software systems to mobile technology by building easy-to-use mobile interfaces.

Intelogy Group values their clients and assist them thoroughly through their entire requirements and deliver premium quality management software services.

Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation. These are the main components in the remarkable success and growth of the Intelogy Group Pty Ltd.

Founded as PaperWorks Australia by Paul Hutchinson in 1992, his impressive vision was to create entirely new and unique management software for the service industry. By 2011, as a reflection of its position in the marketplace, PaperWorks Australia had become the Intelogy Group Pty Ltd.

Since 1992, we have grown to be a respected provider of market-leading business tools worldwide with the single goal of helping other businesses grow. Headquartered in Frankston, Victoria, the Intelogy Group now offers several software products along with expert and friendly support to drive your business to success.

The Intelogy Group has a vibrant culture based on our strong commitment to our core values—Open and Straightforward; Take Responsibility; and Teamwork for Results. These core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Today, in 2017, and still under Pauls’ management, we celebrate a quarter of a century of our commitment to providing knowledge, experience, and expertise to the many businesses who rely on our products.


We don’t just build software. We invent systems.

With over 25 years of experience in software development, specialising in the White and Brown goods Service Industry, the Intelogy Group have been uniquely positioned to develop systems to suit a broad range of businesses.

When you use our products you are investing in more than just a software system. You are investing in a digital transformation of your business and the way you engage with your customers.

Our clients come to us, and stay with us, because we have the knowledge and experience to create systems that will provide enduring competitive advantages. To us, creating software is an art, not a thousand lines of code. To you, our software is a valuable asset that will propel your business ahead of your competitors.

Modernise your business systems

We will modernise your systems and capture the uniqueness of your business in a fully supported software application.

We have been doing this for over 25 years for many happy clients

Remediate your existing system

If you’ve outgrown your software applications, need to enhance or are struggling with your current system, we can help.

Our services will remediate your existing applications to get them to where they need to be.

Mobilise your software system

A shift from to a mobile-first strategy is fast becoming a priority for most organisations.

We use the latest in mobile technology to extend your current software systems by building easy-to-use mobile interfaces.